Friday, March 28, 2008

Why are blog posts the best information?

Because blogs are not trying to sell you anything! Blogs are created to get views and people visiting the site therefore increasing traffic, and 3rd party ad revenue. My blog will continue to give REAL information without diluting or distorting the content. I realized this a few days ago when talking to a real estate agent, and he was trying to get me to sign a contract with him to sell my home after he gave me some information on the housing market in that area. This is the problem and the opportunity for the web industry. It seems like nowadays everyone will tell me some good information only if I buy something or sign up for something. Blogs like and, are outlets for real people to get real information. Of course there is money being made, but in this case the money is being made off of third party advertisers. Stay up to date with my blog I have some really good posts coming up!


Mitch Matsuno

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Zero to Millions said...

can't wait, I'm anticipating the posts keep thing coming and keep them plenty.