Wednesday, March 26, 2008

single family homes (cont from last post)

Single family homes are by far the best investment for the intermediate investor because it has the biggest market of buyers, they is always a demand, and it offers the best loan structures. Since single family homes are known to be the safest investments in real estate, banks allow you to have the best interest rates and the lowest down payments. For obvious reasons, it is always best to put the least amount down for a property as possible. Single family homes , or SFH, also offer the biggest market to sell to when you go to sell. Every American family wants and looks for a nice 3 or 4 bedroom home, in a good neighborhood, and with good schools. There will never be a trend that sways this trend. SFH also provide you with the biggest market to low interest loans and low down payment structures. SFH can include condos, but the buyers market, especially in a down market like the one we are experiencing right now, will be significantly smaller. One of the properties I bought in 2004 was a condo in Tacoma, WA, which was purchased with $1,000 down. I put $1,000 for the down payment, which was a deposit for this condo, and financed 100% of the purchase price. One year after buying, I sold this property for $41,000 more than I purchased it for. Also, during this year, the rent of $1,200 completely covered my $1,200 mortgage, which means that all I paid out of pocket was the HOA, taxes, and insurance costs. Minus comissions and closing costs, I received a check for $30,000, and reinvested this money into a bar/nightclub (please leave a comment for more info). Currently we are experiencing a buyers market, meaning many properties are being sold for less than market rate, due to the fact that there are not many buyers right now. Many , many millionaires will be created in the next 10 years due to the fact that a lot of saavy investors are buying up quality properties for pennies on the dollar. As all the news articles say that the recession is in progress and people are losing money in real estate, I guarantee that people like Robert Kiyosaki are buying up properties all across the country.


Zero to Millions said...

as you know california so expensive if you are a new investor in real estate where should you start?

Zero to Millions said...

I honestly think that starting your first investment is key I've looked around but couldn't find anything maybe in your next blog you can help us step by step with our first real estate investment but also suggest a place or location to do it in.