Monday, March 10, 2008

Feb Income Report for this Blog

This is my Income report, copied and pasted from Google adsense ( for the month Feb-Mar. One month of running this blog and 10 unique visitors after 10 blog posts. Lets see where it goes from here although at some point this blog will be switched over to a dot com actual site instead of using

Today's Earnings: $0.01 View payment history
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Page impressions 111
Clicks 2
Page CTR 1.80%
Page eCPM [?] $6.23
Earnings $0.69
AdSense for Content

Total Earnings


Zero to Millions said...

I signed on to google adsense but not sure how to do it up. they said it takes a few days to aprove but not sure if they approved me gotta learn how. damn your rolling .69C is a profit only gets better from there

Zero to Millions said...

what was my homework again? what's up with our $10 ad site?