Friday, March 28, 2008

Why are blog posts the best information?

Because blogs are not trying to sell you anything! Blogs are created to get views and people visiting the site therefore increasing traffic, and 3rd party ad revenue. My blog will continue to give REAL information without diluting or distorting the content. I realized this a few days ago when talking to a real estate agent, and he was trying to get me to sign a contract with him to sell my home after he gave me some information on the housing market in that area. This is the problem and the opportunity for the web industry. It seems like nowadays everyone will tell me some good information only if I buy something or sign up for something. Blogs like and, are outlets for real people to get real information. Of course there is money being made, but in this case the money is being made off of third party advertisers. Stay up to date with my blog I have some really good posts coming up!


Mitch Matsuno

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

single family homes (cont from last post)

Single family homes are by far the best investment for the intermediate investor because it has the biggest market of buyers, they is always a demand, and it offers the best loan structures. Since single family homes are known to be the safest investments in real estate, banks allow you to have the best interest rates and the lowest down payments. For obvious reasons, it is always best to put the least amount down for a property as possible. Single family homes , or SFH, also offer the biggest market to sell to when you go to sell. Every American family wants and looks for a nice 3 or 4 bedroom home, in a good neighborhood, and with good schools. There will never be a trend that sways this trend. SFH also provide you with the biggest market to low interest loans and low down payment structures. SFH can include condos, but the buyers market, especially in a down market like the one we are experiencing right now, will be significantly smaller. One of the properties I bought in 2004 was a condo in Tacoma, WA, which was purchased with $1,000 down. I put $1,000 for the down payment, which was a deposit for this condo, and financed 100% of the purchase price. One year after buying, I sold this property for $41,000 more than I purchased it for. Also, during this year, the rent of $1,200 completely covered my $1,200 mortgage, which means that all I paid out of pocket was the HOA, taxes, and insurance costs. Minus comissions and closing costs, I received a check for $30,000, and reinvested this money into a bar/nightclub (please leave a comment for more info). Currently we are experiencing a buyers market, meaning many properties are being sold for less than market rate, due to the fact that there are not many buyers right now. Many , many millionaires will be created in the next 10 years due to the fact that a lot of saavy investors are buying up quality properties for pennies on the dollar. As all the news articles say that the recession is in progress and people are losing money in real estate, I guarantee that people like Robert Kiyosaki are buying up properties all across the country.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What successful people do

Business Ownership:

In my life I have met a lot of successful people, six figure earners and millionaires, self-made and some inherited. Today I wanted to talk about two things that I have reconized that true wealthy people have in common, they own businesses and they own real estate. These categories can be broken down even futher as there are different types of businesses to own (this lesson is important! ) There are owner operated businesses , and owner absentee businesses! Owner operated businesses means that the owner operates the business essentially working there to make sure it is running. Owner absentee business means that the owner does not work there and is absentee. In both cases , time is very important and in the second option of owner absentee business, many successful entrepreneurs create a profitable business system so that they don't have to be there and they could move on to start other business without selling or folding the first business. Personally I would rather have a business that nets $30,000 a year without having to do anything but check my bank account, rather than a business that nets $75,000 a year , and have to be there all the time. I have seen this strategy create millionaires, best case example being franchises (i.e. panda express, subway, 7-11, etc).

Real Estate:
Real estate has historically created the most millionaires rather than any other industry in the world. This is why lenders give 30 year loans on homes for low interest rates, because real estate is a safe risk. Lets break this down even further! Lets say you buy a home for $100,000 today (not realistic in Bay Area, but for numbers sake we'll keep it low), and put $20,000 for a down payment. Your best friend, Bill, a stockbroker, is trying to tell you to put your $20,000 into the stock market just like he did. Lets say , one year from now, Bills stocks have gone up by an amazing 20% and your home has only gone up by a measly 10%. Bill brags to you why you should have invested with him, but here is why you win. You only put $20,000 down for a $100,000 home, and got a loan for the other $80,000. If you home went up by 10%, you actually made $10,000 on your $20,000 investment, a 50% return! If this home is a rental and the rent that you get pays your mortgage, then this means you have put nothing else in other than your down payment. Now take the same example and make the numbers $1,000,000 or $10,000,000 for homes (or commercial / residential real estate) and do the math. People that have successfully invested in real estate and held on to their investments are now millionaires. They buy good real estate (homes, apartments, or commercial) , let it grow, and over time reinvest their profits. Another reason real estate beats any other investment, is because you can sell your home and pay ZERO taxes (check with your CPA for proffessional advice). Through a 1031 exchange , you can sell your home , take the proceeds, and reinvest in more like homes and pay no capital gains tax. You may be asking how will you ever get the money out? You really don't need to get the money out if you keep building your portfolio of real estate , rents alone will make you money to put in your pocket. If you did want to get some money out tax free, you can take an equity line on your home. Heres a real example: In 2003 , my Arizona home was worth about $350,000 and of this I only owed about $130,000 on the mortgage. I took out an equity line for about $50,000 at 7% interest and paid about $400 a month on payments. My rents for the home were about $1400 and my mortage was only about $1,000/ month. This means that the rent covered my equity line and mortgage. I took the $50,000 and later sold the home and did a 1031 exchange to buy more properties. (please leave a comment if you would like more info)
The last part about real estate is the tax breaks at the end of the year. You are allowed to write off up to $25,000 in depreciation expense, meaning if your income was $50,000 for the year but you own homes that add up to the $25,000 depreciation , your reportable income now becomes $25,000. If you are at the 30% tax bracket that means you just saved $7,500 in income tax! This is probably the best part of real estate , and if you are a real estate professional , you can write off $100,000 or more! So everyone understands how crazy this is, I need to explain a little futher. Depreciation expense means that the govenment is saying that you can deduct cost for your home depreciating and losing value. The only this is that over a long period of time, real estate has never lost value! This is one of the best kept secrets of the rich and wealthy.
Real Estate is very simple if you keep it simple. Of course there are more types of investments like re options, foreclosures, flipping, syndicates, commercial leases , which are all great but a little more complicated. The mentor that taught me this simple strategy owns more than 500 residential homes and is worth over $50,000,000! The craziest comment I remember him saying is that he rents his 4,000 square foot home in Marin, because he says if he lives there it isn't an investment (tax breaks, mortgage, no income, etc)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

google analytics snapshot

I was so excited that today I hit a record 19 unique visitors to my blog, I wanted to share my google analytics page with everyone.

66 people visited this site

175 Visits

66 Absolute Unique Visitors

280 Pageviews

1.60 Average Pageviews

00:03:07 Time on Site

50.86% Bounce Rate

38.29% New Visits

Thanks to one of my best friends , 02millions, who introduced me to the entrecard. This blog tool has brought 14 new visitors to my site in the last 3 days! My blog hasn't been alive for 30 days and has already reached 66 unique visitors, amazing! I am even more dedicated to keeping the site updated with great content.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Important people on the web

If you are thinking of starting a web business, you should get to know about some of these people. PC world has been kind enough to provide a list of who they think are the 50 most important people on the web. You will be amazed at how young some of these entrepreneurs are. The web has opened up opportunities for everyone; black, white, asian, hispanic, big, small, young, and old!

50 MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE ON THE WEB by (click on link for full list)

One interesting pick is #16 , Matt Mullenweg, age 22, who started wordpress, an online blog program just like is rank #51 on the Alexa, a web traffic ranking site. To put this into perspective, is #1, is #7, and is #699.

Another noteworthy web mogul is Perez Hilton, #41, and his hollwood blog site,, rank #760 on Alexa. He has made millions by blogging about Hollywood celebs and their crazy activities. Its not all peachy, as Hilton is involved in a legal battle with photo agency X17, which has accused him of using its copyrighted photos without permission. Hilton claims that posting the photos on his site is legal. The $7.6 million federal lawsuit could have lasting effects on how bloggers everywhere use digital photos online.

Coming in at #50 on the list is the Tila Tequila Myspace personality (a myspace page)! Her myspace page gets 56 million page views and 1.7 milllion comments! She also has 1.6 million friends on her list and she is using it to the maximum advantage. She is selling all types of products right from her myspace, anything from her music, to her clothes, and ringtones. She has successfully branded herself and I would look out for her in the future to be taking her brand to another level.

Matt Zuckerberg, age 23, founder of Facebook didn't make this list for some reason but you can find out more info on the youngest billionaire ever recorded right here... Matt Zuckerberg.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Taking Risk and Short Success Story

Taking risk is one of the essentials to becoming a successful entrepreneur , but this doesn't mean doing something without the proper research and preparation. One of the best quotes that I've heard to date is that "preparation + opportunity = Success" . My latest business, a bar/nightclub

, has been a tremendous learning experience and has taught me that it's not the hare that wins the race, its the slow and steady snail. In 2006, I sold one of my properties in Arizona, but before doing so, I stripped a lot of the equity out (non taxed) and invested it. My partners and I believed that we had the right team and were looking for a cash cow business. We came across a great deal for a bar/nightclub and with the experience we had up to that point, we jumped right in. The next three months were spent working from 9am to 1am the next day, and filled with thousands of hickups and surprises (more to come about this). All in all, a year and a half later, we are finally getting it, and miraculously we're still in business. Some of the most memorable learning experiences were:

1. Its not about revenue - its about NET INCOME

2. Cutting costs is just as good as net income , because its money put in your pocket.

- Don't buy things you don't need .

- Don't waste time on things that don't bring in business.

- Don't get caught up in the hype and fun , focus on making money.

3. Never get too personal with your employees.

4. Know who your real friends are and who is pretending to be your friend.

5. small business mind is for small business, if you want to do big business, think big!

- Organize every aspect of your business.

- Divide your business into divisions so that everyone can report to someone.


A good friend of mine, who will remain nameless , is a very successful real estate broker and investor. He didn't have it handed to him, believe me, he worked very hard for it. He started in the real estate business as an agent about 3 year ago, and gave up his $70,000 job to become a real estate agent with ZERO guaranteed pay and a very saturated market. He started making cold calls everyday for 8 hours straight probably calling at least 300 people per day. Because of his dedication and persistance , he kept calling even after 3 months of making no money. After about 6 months, he started making progress and one listing became two , which became twelve. In his first year he sold about 5 homes, second year about 12 homes, and in year three about 17homes. In the bay area, homes average about $700,000 , so take 3% commission off of that and you do the math. After he made his money the second year, he smartly invested it into a broken down apartment building. This is where he decided to risk all the profits he made from selling homes. He felt he had enough experience. done enough research , and was prepared to handle the stress of totally rebuilding this building from the ground up. To make this story short, he recently sold this property after 1 1/2 years and turned his $80,000 investment into over $400,000. The main trait that this person has is that he was ready for success. From day one , I knew , and he knew that it was only time before he broke through and made it. He expected to be successful, so success couldn't deny him. He is still going, and on a mission to turn his $400k into $2million. I will keep a watch for how his story of success develops.

Main Points:

1. EXPECT SUCCESS - Believe without a doubt you will be successful!

2. DON'T be afraid of success, it is for you as long as you did your research and are prepared!

3. Do what you can , with what you've got, and never quit!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snapshot of my life today and online prize game for bloggers

I just wanted to give my viewers and myself a snapshot of where I stand financially as of right now, March 2008.

Businesses : Bar/restaurant , online blog, insurance broker.

Assets: bar/ restaurant business , insurance book of business (about 200 clients) ,Real Estate - 4 rental homes and 2 half owned. All purchased on 1031 exchange from one property that I purchased in 2000 in Arizona.

Stock: none (lost about $5,000 trying to play google options)

Car : 1 lexus gs 300

liabilities: lots
- credit card debt about 20k
- no home mortgage or rent cost ( rental home mortgages are not liabilities, believe me)

Businesses to date that I have tried...
1. ACN (1997)- network marketing business ( Good business model based on relationships, but did it when I turned 18 and still made it to second highest level.)
2. Cell Phone retail business (2000)- we created an LLC and tried to resell cell phones at schools. (didnt work)
3. AX - Auto Xperience (2002-2003) - Tried to resell car after market parts and audio systems. This went okay, learned a lot from the experience. Made an LLC with two other partners, no office, no capital, but managed to gain contracts with about 6 venders(manufacturers) that allowed us to sell their products. We sold about 10 products total.
4. Small Business Network (2003)- A free newspaper that focused on information for small businesses and having a network for small businesses. It didn't quite make it off the ground.
5. Independent Insurance Broker (2005) - Got a contract to sell all types of insurance and own the book of business. I have worked the past 7 years in insurance sales , so this wasn't too hard to do. I still own my book to this date and write some business when I have time.
6. Bar/Nightclub (2006) - my biggest business to date with the most responsibility. I will write a seperate blog about this soon, since there is so much to talk about. Many learning experiences that were very expensive. I probably have a masters degree with all the things I have learned and all the money I lost by learning these lessons.

Future Businesses:
1. Online Retail Business ( coming soon , can't tell you what Im selling)
2. Blog - C Corp
3. Online Entertainment Website (coming soon, this one will be interesting)

Check out this link for an online contest for free prizes (all you have to do is put your email in)

Prizes Recap - $7,119 Total
$650 Cash from Azoogle Ads
$500 Cash from PepperJam Network
$250 Cash from NeverblueAds
$200 Cash from BidVertiser
1 Full Conference Pass to Affiliate Summit East ($949 value)
3 Month Membership to Aaron Wall’s SEO Training Program ($300 value)
6 Month Membership to SEOmoz Pro ($249 value)
12 Month Subscription to RankSense Professional ($630 value)
26 Week Internet Marketing Plan from Purple Internet Marketing ($800 value)
The Secret Classroom from Joel Comm & Next Internet Millionaire ($497 value)
Autographed Copy of Kris’ Jones Upcoming Book on SEO ($20 value)
Copy of the SEO Handbook 2008 from HuoMah ($10 value)
8 PSD Custom Banner Designs from Banners Mall ($275 value)
2 Exclusive Blog Themes from Unique Blog Designs (2 winners - $100 value each)
2 Revolution Wordpress Blog Themes from Brian Gardner (2 winners -$80 value each)
Wordpress Coding from CSS Rockstars ($209 value)
1 Year Swamp Plan Web Hosting from Host Gator ($150 value)
1 Hour Blog Optimization Consulting from Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips ($175 value)
3 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($100 value)
1 Month Text Link Ad on Ades Blog ($90 value)
1 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on John Cow ($125 value)
6 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($300 value)
3 Fast Passes, 3 Featured Statuses, and 5000 Credits from Entrecard
1 Paid Review on Winning the Web - sponsored by 1 Cool File ($100 value)
20 Winning the Web T-shirts (20 winners - $9 value each)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Feb Income Report for this Blog

This is my Income report, copied and pasted from Google adsense ( for the month Feb-Mar. One month of running this blog and 10 unique visitors after 10 blog posts. Lets see where it goes from here although at some point this blog will be switched over to a dot com actual site instead of using

Today's Earnings: $0.01 View payment history
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Page impressions 111
Clicks 2
Page CTR 1.80%
Page eCPM [?] $6.23
Earnings $0.69
AdSense for Content

Total Earnings

more on Mark Zuckerberg , Crabs in a Barrel or Unethical Behavior?

I spent about an hour doing some research on Mark Zuckerberg and found this article to be the most interesting. This is from an online magazine talking more about Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook creator.

"Mark Zuckerberg may not yet have the stage presence of, say, Steve Jobs, but give him time; he has plenty of ego and ambition, and he is quickly developing a mythology. A confluence of intelligence, naïveté, and hubris, Zuckerberg can be both brilliant and immature. A self-styled revolutionary who speaks often of “trying to make the world a more open place,” he is sometimes smug and often comes across as brash. He once handed out business cards that read: “I’m CEO … bitch.”
Zuckerberg has regularly suggested that money does not much interest him, that he only wants to “make revolutionary things.” In the past, he deflected billion-dollar Facebook suitors such as Yahoo. The Wall Street Journal reported that, during March 2006 negotiations with Yahoo executives, Zuckerberg refused to meet over a weekend because his girlfriend was in town. “When I’m hanging out with her, I tend not to be that engaged [in work],” he later said. Then again, he might just have been holding out for a better price: In late October, Microsoft paid $240 million for a 1.6-percent stake in Facebook, a sum that valued the company at $15 billion. Zuckerberg owns 20 percent of Facebook, a $3-billion stake. "
Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg created one of the most trafficked sites on the Web and became a paper billionaire as a result. But ongoing lawsuits suggest that Facebook's origins are murkier than Zuckerberg would like to admit. Is the man many are calling Harvard’s next Bill Gates telling the truth?
The media have mostly glossed over ConnectU Inc. v. Facebook Inc., now unfolding in a Boston courthouse. Most articles depict the case as either a cash grab or a blip on Facebook’s march to global domination. But interviews with people familiar with the lawsuit, and a close examination of court records, suggest that, at the least, the case raises troubling questions about the ethics of this new billionaire.
The plaintiffs are three Harvard grads: Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, twin rowers currently training for the Beijing Olympics, and Divya Narendra, who since graduation has worked in finance in New York and Boston. In 2002, the three friends dreamed up an online social network called Harvard Connection (subsequently renamed ConnectU), later asking Zuckerberg to finish programming it. Instead of fulfilling his end of the bargain, the plaintiffs say, Zuckerberg stole their ideas and source code to build his own competing social network. “We got royally screwed,” Narendra says in a deposition. "

Friday, March 7, 2008

How to Make $1.5 Billion

The youngest self-made millionaire, excuse me, billionaire in history has just been recorded. Co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, 23 years old, has reportedly a 30% stake in Facebook. Facebook is also reportedly worth $12-14 Billion.

This mogul, just goes to show what is possible in the online world. Check out this article, and start believing! What does a 23 year old do with $1.5 Billion ? I am going to research Mark's lifestyle and find out what dreams he is making a reality. More to come...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

100 % ROI VS. 10% ROI

One of the first lessons that I learned from a very smart and successful entrepreneur that I know , Adiel Gorel, was that Real Estate beats the stock market 10 times out of 10. Even in a down market right now, real estate is still the best long term investment. The stock market has historically performed at about a 12-14% ROI (return on investment) per year, and real estate from 10-12%. The fact is that the Stock Market is dollar for dollar, meaning you invest $10,000 and get 10% ROI, then you walk with $11,000 excluding taxes. In real estate, the best kept secret is the financing; you can invest $10,000 and get a loan for the other $90,000 on a 30 year mortgage! This means that if you home goes up by $10,000 , you actually have a home now worth $110,000 , and you made $10,000 on your $10,000 investment! Please read this sentence again if it was not clear. In you were starting a business today, you may be able to get a loan for 5 years, or maybe even 10 years, but if you asked for the loan to be repayed over 30 years, they would laugh in your face. This is the power of real estate , in that over 30 years, with inflation alone, you will make money even if the market went down. What does this mean? It means that if you pay $1,000 per month for your mortgage, you will still be paying $1,000 per month 30 years from now! If you rented a home for $1,000 today, do you think that same home will rent out for $1,000, 30 years from now? Hmmmm. Something to think about....
Real estate is what helped me get started and made me the most money to date. ( more to come on the details)

For more on Adiel, go see .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dare to Win !

Most peoples deepest fear is that they can be successful beyond their wildest dreams. You may not realize this but this is what holds people back from greatness , including myself. Who are you to be wealthy, strong, independent, powerful, and beautiful? You are all of those and more if you just believe it! If you are starting out with zero dollars as of now, I am telling you that you now have a ten million dollar asset : your mind. Your mind is powerful in that whatever you tell yourself and whatever you believe comes true. Please check out "Dare to Win" by Jack Canfield , You’ll learn to conquer your fears, accept life’s challenges and achieve the happiness and success you deserve. Topic areas include: Learning to dare!… Problems are opportunities in disguise… Expanding possibility thinking… Focusing energy… Affirming oneself… Life is a balancing act… Anything can be accomplished with love… Achieving total prosperity… Meeting the right people… Strengthening one’s mind… and…Awakening one’s creative powers.

Where ever you are today is a direct reflection of the thoughts you had about yourself 5 years ago.

Who is John Chow and

This man is probably the most innovative entrepreneur I have seen in the last 5 years. He has changed the entire blogging industry and the whole way people make money online. His site has also shed light on how people actually make money online and how you can do it too! His honesty is the reason for his success, as he tell you exactly how much he made and how much he makes now! . Check out the blog income report and you will see that he only made $352 in Sept 2006 when he started , now his report is close to $30k per month. If you really wanna get your mind going, look at the title to his site, "I make money online, by telling people how to make money online".

Monday, March 3, 2008

Its all about the Journey

I encourage everyone to keep or journal or start a blog so that you can keep track of your journey to success. Its not only about getting to the finish line, but about enjoying the road along the way as well. Track all of your mistakes and all of your triumphs, as it will help you learn later on. I started this blog, because I know where I am going and the successes that I will accomplish but I want to track the road that I taking to get there.

My businesses to date:
Real Estate - own 5 rental homes in the US
Bar/Restaurant - own bar/ restaurant/ nightclub in SF , CA
Insurance Broker - Property Casualty/ Life / Health Independent Broker
Investor - ? looking for some new businesses

I am still and will always remain a Student of life and business.