Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snapshot of my life today and online prize game for bloggers

I just wanted to give my viewers and myself a snapshot of where I stand financially as of right now, March 2008.

Businesses : Bar/restaurant , online blog, insurance broker.

Assets: bar/ restaurant business , insurance book of business (about 200 clients) ,Real Estate - 4 rental homes and 2 half owned. All purchased on 1031 exchange from one property that I purchased in 2000 in Arizona.

Stock: none (lost about $5,000 trying to play google options)

Car : 1 lexus gs 300

liabilities: lots
- credit card debt about 20k
- no home mortgage or rent cost ( rental home mortgages are not liabilities, believe me)

Businesses to date that I have tried...
1. ACN (1997)- network marketing business ( Good business model based on relationships, but did it when I turned 18 and still made it to second highest level.)
2. Cell Phone retail business (2000)- we created an LLC and tried to resell cell phones at schools. (didnt work)
3. AX - Auto Xperience (2002-2003) - Tried to resell car after market parts and audio systems. This went okay, learned a lot from the experience. Made an LLC with two other partners, no office, no capital, but managed to gain contracts with about 6 venders(manufacturers) that allowed us to sell their products. We sold about 10 products total.
4. Small Business Network (2003)- A free newspaper that focused on information for small businesses and having a network for small businesses. It didn't quite make it off the ground.
5. Independent Insurance Broker (2005) - Got a contract to sell all types of insurance and own the book of business. I have worked the past 7 years in insurance sales , so this wasn't too hard to do. I still own my book to this date and write some business when I have time.
6. Bar/Nightclub (2006) - my biggest business to date with the most responsibility. I will write a seperate blog about this soon, since there is so much to talk about. Many learning experiences that were very expensive. I probably have a masters degree with all the things I have learned and all the money I lost by learning these lessons.

Future Businesses:
1. Online Retail Business ( coming soon , can't tell you what Im selling)
2. Blog - C Corp
3. Online Entertainment Website (coming soon, this one will be interesting)

Check out this link for an online contest for free prizes (all you have to do is put your email in)

Prizes Recap - $7,119 Total
$650 Cash from Azoogle Ads
$500 Cash from PepperJam Network
$250 Cash from NeverblueAds
$200 Cash from BidVertiser
1 Full Conference Pass to Affiliate Summit East ($949 value)
3 Month Membership to Aaron Wall’s SEO Training Program ($300 value)
6 Month Membership to SEOmoz Pro ($249 value)
12 Month Subscription to RankSense Professional ($630 value)
26 Week Internet Marketing Plan from Purple Internet Marketing ($800 value)
The Secret Classroom from Joel Comm & Next Internet Millionaire ($497 value)
Autographed Copy of Kris’ Jones Upcoming Book on SEO ($20 value)
Copy of the SEO Handbook 2008 from HuoMah ($10 value)
8 PSD Custom Banner Designs from Banners Mall ($275 value)
2 Exclusive Blog Themes from Unique Blog Designs (2 winners - $100 value each)
2 Revolution Wordpress Blog Themes from Brian Gardner (2 winners -$80 value each)
Wordpress Coding from CSS Rockstars ($209 value)
1 Year Swamp Plan Web Hosting from Host Gator ($150 value)
1 Hour Blog Optimization Consulting from Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips ($175 value)
3 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($100 value)
1 Month Text Link Ad on Ades Blog ($90 value)
1 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on John Cow ($125 value)
6 Month 125×125 Banner Ad on ($300 value)
3 Fast Passes, 3 Featured Statuses, and 5000 Credits from Entrecard
1 Paid Review on Winning the Web - sponsored by 1 Cool File ($100 value)
20 Winning the Web T-shirts (20 winners - $9 value each)


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still can't ad adsense, keep up the good work interesting and inspiring when I see the struggles you've been through with business.

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