Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dare to Win !

Most peoples deepest fear is that they can be successful beyond their wildest dreams. You may not realize this but this is what holds people back from greatness , including myself. Who are you to be wealthy, strong, independent, powerful, and beautiful? You are all of those and more if you just believe it! If you are starting out with zero dollars as of now, I am telling you that you now have a ten million dollar asset : your mind. Your mind is powerful in that whatever you tell yourself and whatever you believe comes true. Please check out "Dare to Win" by Jack Canfield , You’ll learn to conquer your fears, accept life’s challenges and achieve the happiness and success you deserve. Topic areas include: Learning to dare!… Problems are opportunities in disguise… Expanding possibility thinking… Focusing energy… Affirming oneself… Life is a balancing act… Anything can be accomplished with love… Achieving total prosperity… Meeting the right people… Strengthening one’s mind… and…Awakening one’s creative powers. http://www.jackcanfield.com/

Where ever you are today is a direct reflection of the thoughts you had about yourself 5 years ago.

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