Thursday, March 20, 2008

google analytics snapshot

I was so excited that today I hit a record 19 unique visitors to my blog, I wanted to share my google analytics page with everyone.

66 people visited this site

175 Visits

66 Absolute Unique Visitors

280 Pageviews

1.60 Average Pageviews

00:03:07 Time on Site

50.86% Bounce Rate

38.29% New Visits

Thanks to one of my best friends , 02millions, who introduced me to the entrecard. This blog tool has brought 14 new visitors to my site in the last 3 days! My blog hasn't been alive for 30 days and has already reached 66 unique visitors, amazing! I am even more dedicated to keeping the site updated with great content.


Zero to Millions said...

keep up the good work, sky is the limits.

Peggy said...

hey, oh no its a traditional painting that i put into photoshop and played around with the colors and shapes.

Zero to Millions said...

I'm pretty sure it's a balance of the two you have to know which employee's need to love you to do better and which ones need to fear you to do better. Thats the key you can't manage with fear cause with everyone cause that doesn't work for some they will rebel, others need to love you to work harder for you.

something to something more said...

I'm a daily visitor too. :) keep up the good work. Hope to be able to have a meeting with you soon with all my questions I have for you about your site.