Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Important people on the web

If you are thinking of starting a web business, you should get to know about some of these people. PC world has been kind enough to provide a list of who they think are the 50 most important people on the web. You will be amazed at how young some of these entrepreneurs are. The web has opened up opportunities for everyone; black, white, asian, hispanic, big, small, young, and old!

50 MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE ON THE WEB by (click on link for full list)

One interesting pick is #16 , Matt Mullenweg, age 22, who started wordpress, an online blog program just like is rank #51 on the Alexa, a web traffic ranking site. To put this into perspective, is #1, is #7, and is #699.

Another noteworthy web mogul is Perez Hilton, #41, and his hollwood blog site,, rank #760 on Alexa. He has made millions by blogging about Hollywood celebs and their crazy activities. Its not all peachy, as Hilton is involved in a legal battle with photo agency X17, which has accused him of using its copyrighted photos without permission. Hilton claims that posting the photos on his site is legal. The $7.6 million federal lawsuit could have lasting effects on how bloggers everywhere use digital photos online.

Coming in at #50 on the list is the Tila Tequila Myspace personality (a myspace page)! Her myspace page gets 56 million page views and 1.7 milllion comments! She also has 1.6 million friends on her list and she is using it to the maximum advantage. She is selling all types of products right from her myspace, anything from her music, to her clothes, and ringtones. She has successfully branded herself and I would look out for her in the future to be taking her brand to another level.

Matt Zuckerberg, age 23, founder of Facebook didn't make this list for some reason but you can find out more info on the youngest billionaire ever recorded right here... Matt Zuckerberg.

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good article, have you noticed the important people all have big ears.