Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March blog income report

My blog has been alive for almost two months now and has grown a tremendous amount . I know some people are waiting to see how much my blog has earned and if there is any improvement from February's $0.69 earnings. Well, here it is copied directly from my google adsense account, if I could copy the actual page I would.

AdSense for Content
Page impressions 461
Clicks 7
Page CTR 1.52%
Page eCPM [?] $11.16
Earnings $5.14

AdSense for Search
queries 9
clicks 3
page CTR 33.33%
page ecpm $86.70
earnings $0.78

Total Earnings (in March)

1 comment:

Zero to Millions said...

wow impressive, that's a 600 percent jump from the first month correct so if you have another 600 percent jump every month you'd be doing very well in 6 months.