Thursday, April 24, 2008

Always underpromise and over deliver!

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned in the nightclub industry is that 99% of the people I meet and do business with always overpromise and under deliver. An example would be an event promoter telling me they have an event that will bring 300 people and a ton of money, and it sounds so great and believable that I buy into it. This scenario happens all too often and when it comes down to it , there is usually 100 people and a not so great event. People will often go so far as to lie, misrepresent themselves, and even slander someone else to improve their own position. I can honestly say that the staff and partnerships that I have today are still there because of the simple fact that they don't participate in this low level behavior. I have also learned that I am always impressed with those that can deliver without lying or giving a sales pitch. Having been in the nightclub industry for almost 2 years now, I have met more than enough of these characters. Now when I meet people, I usually don't even listen because I have heard the same song and dance over and over before. My rule of thumb when someone is giving their sales pitch is to take what they say and divide it by two.


Zero to Millions said...

it's a rule to always use promoters that are well established, but when that can happen get them on a venue fee so they at least make your expenses, and you don't sell your self short and over staff. with a list remember if you get 800 people guestlist it's about 30% that shows up.

Zero to Millions said...

On the flip side if you under promise will people ever work with you? isn't it a double edged sword?