Monday, April 14, 2008

Life is Precious ... don't take it for granted

Two weeks ago there were two double homicides in San Francisco right around 2am. Unfortunately, I didn't know the victims, but people that are close to me did know them. One of the murders happend at a pizza parlor in a good neighborhood in SF. The victim was a friend of one of my employees and had actually came to my place of business two weeks before. The man had 3 kids and was just getting pizza after taking his co-workers out for a drink when the assailants started an argument with him over who was buying a pizza. The assailants friend came in to the parlor and shot the victim and his co worker killing both of them. To read more, click here... To donate money to his family, click here...

On the other side of the city, my friends' brothers friend was sitting in a car with two other men when a random shooter drove up and shot two of the men in the car, killing them both. The police think it was some sort of gang initiation and that the victims were totally innocent. Again, one of the victims had visisted my place of business not but a month before. click here for more info.

These incidents have definitely touched me since I know people connected to each victim. The world we live in today is very crazy and unpredictable. Both of these victims were not in gangs or into drugs, they were normal people. It also shows just how precious life is and that we should try to live life to the fullest at every moment because we never know how many moments are promised to us.


Zero to Millions said...

No one cares these days , specially about the other person. We need to watch out, reccesion is coming and more crime is on the way. In the line of business we are in we must watch out every night we closeout.

Zero to Millions said...

It can happen to anyone you never know when your going to get caught in a circumstance which you can't get out of. Carpe Diem