Monday, April 7, 2008


Since my blog explores the specific aspects of success and business, I felt the need to stress that attaining success is very simple (not easy). The Secret to Success is the law of attraction. Just like the law of gravity; what goes up must come down, the law of attraction is what you think about, you attract. This can be demonstrated simply by thinking about your life today. You are exactly where you expected to be 1 , 2, or even 3 years ago. Given, once in awhile , there can be an anomoly like winning the lotto, but for the most part you are a sum total of your thoughts! Five years ago in 2003 , I was just graduating college , owned pretty much nothing, but had a lot of motivation and positive thinking. I knew exactly what I wanted to do... own real estate and own businesses. My mind back then was constantly filled with thoughts of owning a business and owning several homes or apartment buildings. Today, I do own 2 businesses , and several homes , but it's nothing crazy for me because it's what I expect. The trick now is trying to expand my thoughts to expect bigger things. Can you think on a $1million level, or how about $10 million, or $1 billion? For me, my mind can think on a $1million level. I can smell it , taste it, and imagine exactly what it is to have $1million. Now if I changed that figure to $100 million, my mind can't think on that level yet.

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Zero to Millions said...

if you believe you will attain! that's my mantra. Keep at it, yeah I'm going to write more teachings from my mother.